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Write for Ten is a writing project with one simple rule: write for 10 minutes about anything. Describe where you are. Ramble about your day. Imagine a scenario between two strangers. What you write doesn't have to be perfect nor complete. Just write it.

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Why 10 minutes?

  • Develop a habit of writing every day, e.g., @ianli
  • Write a blog, e.g., @writeforten
  • Work on a long document by 10-minute chunks.
  • Do free-writing exercises to get over writer's block.
  • Contact us to suggest other ideas.

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| I'm going to start on my cheeks and I they want you you're supposed to take your skin type like this and I'm going upward motions it was harder for me to do upward motions that the larger debts which probably meant that I shouldn’t have been using a la... (more)
193 words in 0 minutes at 10:10 AM on Oct 01, 2014 | comments
| On top of the favorites list of everyone's, Trout is obviously for all food lovers. As a result of tremendous advantages, it's outlined Colon Cleanse Review one of the five meals that burn belly fat. Trout includes omega 3 fatty acids, which can reduce... (more)
118 words in 1 minute at 10:06 AM on Oct 01, 2014 | comments
| This for my here also going to try to get a good morning and nineteen are like getting ready with me video to see a vacancy all in action but have the guys have a great night and great week I was the election II a bigger what not without a better video... (more)
251 words in 1 minute at 10:03 AM on Oct 01, 2014 | comments
| *Axis Capital Group Review: Excavator Dig More Returns* There is no doubt that excavators are amongst the very versatile and productive machines on every job site. Dealers get many inquiries about by what means grade control technology can improve... (more)
404 words in 1 minute at 09:58 AM on Oct 01, 2014 | comments
| 9 out of 10 Top Dermatologists are supportive of this item and even prescribe it to their patients. Everywhere throughout the world, Dermatologists are understanding its potential and dangerous power that aides in battling early indications of matu... (more)
187 words in 2 minutes at 09:35 AM on Oct 01, 2014 | comments
| Fri is coming up there seven Grand Prix is actually in Europe so I'm going to get back I'm excited ragout her first appearance and I just looked again inventors Rejuvius Diamond Collection and just touching on my potential and wait for next year shoot ... (more)
211 words in 1 minute at 09:31 AM on Oct 01, 2014 | comments
| Early presentations are fundamental. Your articles of clothing and individual style say a ton in regards to you before you even get a chance to say a singular word. More fundamental than your shoes or your satchel, your skin is one of the first ways pe... (more)
337 words in 7 minutes at 09:18 AM on Oct 01, 2014 | comments
| Tourism Jakarta partners with Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore Tourism Jakarta has partnered with Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, Singapore to launch a free of charge destination app to help future holidaymakers design their own... (more)
352 words in 2 minutes at 09:22 AM on Oct 01, 2014 | comments
| I'm sure to let the ears and eyes well fish I know us way on left this way I didn't mommy know I made it says it can weigh I'm filming a video call back later and couple fuck off it yes fears yeah as he once helped took a bouncer to Shane even mentio... (more)
140 words in 1 minute at 09:15 AM on Oct 01, 2014 | comments
| *_Loan Review and Due Diligence Clayton_* Since its founding in 1989, Clayton has performed due diligence on over 10 million residential loans—making us a true pioneer in the residential loan due diligence industry. Our clients are buyers of loans, ... (more)
661 words in 2 minutes at 12:39 PM on Oct 02, 2014 | comments

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