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What is Write for Ten?

Write for Ten is a writing sketchbook. It is for writers of various skill levels, from writers who are trying to develop a daily writing regimen to writers who are trying to spark their creative fuses.

Write for Ten works under a simple premise: write something within 10 minutes. Because of this constraint, the writing doesn’t have to be perfect nor complete; it likely will not be. The idea is to just get you to write whatever. The 10-minute constraint frees you up from the shackles of procrastination to editing paralysis to the fear of writing.

Use Write for Ten to develop a habit of writing everyday. Use it to overcome writer’s block. Use it to free your mind to generate creative ideas. Just take ten minutes! (edited from a 10-minute post)

How do I participate in this project?

Here are some ideas on what you can do with Write for Ten:

Who created the site?

Write for Ten was created and designed by Ian Li. Write for Ten encourages him to find time to write.


The font for the logo is Serifa 45 Light. The body font is Georgia. The layout is built on top of Blueprint CSS. The code is written in Ruby with the fantastic web application framework Ruby on Rails.


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Spread the word

Help us spread the word about this project. Use Write for Ten to write a blog post for ten minutes, then post on your blog with these badges.

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