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This is my room.
I have instruments with which to make music.
Composition is my passion.
But I need some ideas.

Discovering this site has made my day better.
Being back to school does not make me happy.

Recently, things are great.
Thoughts, new experiences, a girl, and thoughts about such things.
These continue in my mind.

She is, yes.
She speaks to me, and I speak to her.
Sometimes it doesn’t feel right.
She is a friend of my friend.
This friend introduced us, and we started talking.
She is fun.
I need to be more like myself when I am with her.
She doesn’t like immaturity.

This world is making me sick.
So much happening.
Population rising every day.
So much to ponder.
The meaning is obscured.
So much to see.
The mountain is inviting.
So much to learn.
I don’t know much.
So much to give.
I don’t know what I can yet.
So much to live for – yet it’s hard to see sometimes.
This life is a mystery to me.

Sometimes I dream of a faraway place where I can just be. I want to go there. It exists somewhere in this world, and it will be found. Landscapes, trees, water. A simple life with necessities and perhaps a bit more. Maybe I will live there someday.
I need solitude.

I am done for now.

230 words in 10 minutes at 02:23 AM on Jan 12, 2010

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