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Ian Li

If you’re like me, you probably have a fear of writing. That blank sheet or screen is full of written possibilities and you want a perfect one. Unfortunately, that vision of perfection paralyses you. You write a few words and your inner critic (whom I will call Stephan) whispers, “those words don’t sound right.” You erase some words, enter new ones, shuffle some around. You add a few words, then Stephan steps in again; the process continues. 10 minutes of this and you’re exhausted. Yet you only have 10 measly words (barely a sentence or two) to show for the effort.

This project is a way to break out of this paralysis brought on by too much editing by your inner critic. This project encourages you to just take 10 minutes to shut Stephan and just let the sentences spill out.

Of course, at the end of 10 minutes your free to edit your work. But now in just 10 minutes you may have 10 sentences (about a paragraph with several ideas) to work with instead of just 10 words. Now, you can invite Stephan back. Roll up your sleeves and edit.

192 words in 13 minutes at 08:19 PM on Jan 02, 2010

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