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… and quickly parted ways, with him quietly saying “see you later”.
What did that mean? That he wanted to see me again? Or was he just being polite. Head wrecking isn’t the word. But boy was I floating through the corridors of St. Mary’s Secondary School that day.


I live in a quiet estate. It’s an older estate and most of the kids have grown up and flown the nest. Some even have their own kids, making some of my mother’s friends grannies. Weird as they don’t look so old to me but I guess they are. There is three other teenagers in my 40-house estate. Dermot is 17 I think. He is much older than me and seems to keep to himself. You can tell he a bookworm just by looking at him and my mother only told me last week that his mother said he wants to go to Trinity College to become a doctor. I’d be impressed except he never seems happy. I definitely would’t want him becoming my doctor and looking at my private areas in years to come. Oh god the mortification.

The other two teenagers are siblings. One of them is my bestie. Marion is the same age as me and has an older sister who is 16 (and was caught giving a guy a blow job behind the easter break disco recently and there was uproar.. Her name is Sheila and I haven’t seen her since. She has been grounded for eternity. Her mother is nice.. in face I would even go as far as to say she is like a second mother to me. I’ve known Marion and Sheila my whole life. Our mothers aren’t great friends but the girls and I grew up five houses apart so it was enivitable that we were always going to be close.

I can tell anything to Marion. She is my rock and I’d be lost without her. She is taller than me, we both look the same and sometimes we even fancy the same guy. This happen only last summer. His name was Rian. He was visiting from London (his granny lives at the front of our estate) and we both thought he was the hottest guy to ever grace our beautiful country. In the end non of us won. We became great friends but that was as far as he would take it anyway. He lied (I’m sure he was lying) about having a girlfriend back in England. For fuck sake he was 15. Get over yourself. Anyway as much as we tried he was having none of it but what Marion doesn’t know is on his final night in Ireland she had to go visit her cousins so it was up to me to give him his final farewell. We walked to the local shop and got ice-cream (I even think I paid for it). We chatted about the usual crap but just as we had to say our final goodbyes he gave me a hug, and a very sweet peck on the cheek.. That surely had to mean he fancied me right?

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