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What can I tell you about my Marion. She has been my rock when life has been utter shit.. like the time my mother had a car accident that nearly took her life.. I really thought I was going to loose her. She was in a coma for three weeks (I was 9) but eventually made a full recovery. While she spent 11 weeks in hospital I mainly stayed in Marion’s house, sharing a bed with her and sometime she would bunk in with SISTER’s NAME so I could have a good cry to myself. It was tough going after the accident. Doctor’s didn’t know if my mom would make it out the other side. A truck doing a U turn on the road didn’t see her coming and swung right out knocking our car over a ditch. She was alone in the car thankfully but sometimes I feel guilty I wasn’t there to share the pain with her. Marion was the first person I called when I was taken out of school to my uncle’s house. I stayed with my uncle (he has no family) for a few days and he was cool but I was a bag of emotion and he hasn’t a clue how to handle a nine year old but Marion’s mom did and it was my Marion that held me when I cried at night, It was my Marion who promised I could live with her forever if mom didn’t make it.
Marion was also there the day I discovered I got my first period. She had gotten hers about four months previous so had warned me about it. We were actually at the cinema about to go and see the latest installment of MOVIE when I could just feel something off. I felt wet and hadn’t a clue why. A quick investigation in the smelly cinema toilets confirmed what Marion had said. My underwear was bright pink and although it was pretty disgusting and I ran out of there mortified I also felt proud. Proud that I was into the next stage of my life and that I made it with very little war wounds. Plus I just couldn’t wait to get big boobs. Marion and I were 11 when we became women.
Have we had a few disagreements. We sure have. In fact only a few weeks ago we didn’t speak for three days over something I said. I told her that I thought she should chill out about her midterm exams (Marion was a genius at school unlike me) and she flipped the lid saying I didn’t understand the need for her to get good grades now so she could get into a good college and become an engineer (or some crap like that). ..

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