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Dannon Loveland

I just finished watching a video at work (actually a group of videos) with my co-workers and others, based on the Designing Your Life book. One of the things that were mentioned was about the incremental changes that must take place in order to get you to a better place in life. What I have chosen to do that I hope to use to make an incremental change in my life (the area of play) is to write more often.

I like to write and I think that I chose to spend my time on other things, thinking that writing will take too much time. But really there are things like this website that really goes against that belief. Also, I think the feeling is that I would do my time-wasters whether or not I do something like writing. But I am trying something different and using this activity to hopefully energize me and give me more time.

I think it is possible for “play” to create more opportunities for being productive rather than taking away time that I could spend in some other way.

I feel like I have the need to create. And I like to create to make a connection. I write and draw to really find something I can connect with and create value in my life and possibly in the life of others.

Other things that would make writing and drawing valuable to me would be for the reasons of gratitude and planning. I might do things like that in my mind, but I feel the need to make it concrete by writing it down and having something physical. This builds my skills, but it also gives me something to remembers.

I have a few fears that have come up recently and one of those is forgetting things that are important. Or things that if I remembered them would make my life more enjoyable.

#I am grateful that Jessica has the opportunity to travel in Africa.
#I am grateful that Jaycee (and Jen and Emily and Ruth and others) are able and willing to help out with the kids.
#I am grateful I have a home and that I have been able to keep the dishes clean.
#I am grateful that Harrison is sleeping a little better at night.
#I am grateful for my co-workers and my boss that I enjoy being with and are all so helpful.
#I am grateful that my boss trusts me with the implementation project I have been working on.

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