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| We sat on a bench in a park. I told her about growing up in Seattle. Then I segued into making up for forgetting our first dance. I asked her to dance with me; we shared earphones plugged into my iPhone. With the moon behind us and the Downtown Pittsbu... (more)
77 words in 10 minutes at 04:41 AM on Feb 02, 2010 | comments
| Not posted in several days. Not good, not good. My brain is feeling a little fuzzy today, but I think that is what I am going to have to do--get used to writing on a fuzzy brain. If I wait until "conditions" are right to write, I just don't think I wil... (more)
481 words in 10 minutes at 03:38 AM on Feb 02, 2010 | comments
| Writing today seems like an impossible task. I sat staring at the home screen for this website for what seemed like ages today just trying to figure out what to write about, and nothing's come to mind. Well, that in itself isn't completely truthful. ... (more)
489 words in 10 minutes at 02:35 AM on Feb 02, 2010 | comments
| 23.22.(im in a diff time zone so...) staring at the computer screen. nothing. my mind is blank. im supposed to be doing my homework, but nothing. my mind is blank. Sigh's going. my mind is still blank. ARGH! bleached cellulose is mocking me... (more)
262 words in 10 minutes at 03:06 PM on Feb 01, 2010 | comments
| what a day..relax. I'm not going to discuss about the mysteries of the world. yawn,....OK maybe i will. its a rainy day, takes my mood away. but though, there are a few things that keep me going on a gloomy wet Monday morning. Maybe, a nice breakfast, ... (more)
289 words in 27 minutes at 02:24 PM on Feb 01, 2010 | comments
| I've seen Avatar twice now and the more I think about it, the more I am upset it gets so much attention and praise. I'm no cinema scholar but the movie wasn't that great. The special effects were top notch and it was an absolute thrill to watch these b... (more)
342 words in 10 minutes at 04:52 AM on Feb 01, 2010 | comments
| Why do we always celebrate baby Jesus' birthday on Christmas? What about the other 33 birthdays the guy had? Don't get me wrong - I love the tree and the manger and the gifts and all that stuff. I'm not saying we get rid of it. But maybe we could incor... (more)
127 words in 5 minutes at 04:46 AM on Feb 01, 2010 | comments
| I asked her to join me for dinner tomorrow. Here is the plan: * Wear the new clothes I bought today. Color scheme: all black, the only color is the red shirt under my button-down shirt. * Buy a bottle of riesling. Grab some cupcakes, too. * Pick her... (more)
95 words in 8 minutes at 03:57 AM on Feb 01, 2010 | comments
| Working in Social Media Communications leads to most people expecting me to have Twitter, Facebook and everything else that is associated to it. On the contrary, I have worked with social media through company accounts and steered away from personal ac... (more)
156 words in 10 minutes at 03:09 AM on Feb 01, 2010 | comments
| I just started and so these first words are going to be squeaky and slow. Funny how there are a million racing thoughts in my head but catching one and telling it to clean up and sit still for the camera makes it run away faster. I didn't really ea... (more)
1029 words in 10 minutes at 08:00 AM on Feb 01, 2010 | comments

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