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| Today was a beautiful day as I see it. Of course as a Seattle born girl, it was normal for me. As I was walking through downtown, I can hear people saying how cold it was and hudling into their selves. Why come here then? Obviously Seattle is known for... (more)
227 words in 10 minutes at 01:36 AM on Jan 24, 2010 | comments
| What is prayer? Why do we engage in seeking guidance from an unseen, unknown, and perhaps non-existent entity? Do we have to attend church to be good people? Does God love the church attenders more than the ones who don't attend, yet believe wit... (more)
233 words in 10 minutes at 12:30 AM on Jan 24, 2010 | comments
| *Hoping for an early spring* The weather today was sunny and clear. It was cold, but the roads were dry and there were no clouds. Driving around, I saw several motorcyclists taking this rare opportunity for a ride. I would love for the weather to re... (more)
187 words in 8 minutes at 10:28 PM on Jan 23, 2010 | comments
| It seems that the whole notion of private property, to which privacy is a corollary, derives from an ethos of violent domination. The idea of private property gives cultural license to those who would withhold parts of our shared world for their own us... (more)
126 words in 0 minutes at 08:58 PM on Jan 23, 2010 | comments
| Over the past few years, I've come to wonder about everything and how anything and everything can, and *MUST* be related, in at least some way, shape or form. It's just unimaginable sometimes to think that certain things cannot be linked to one anot... (more)
393 words in 8 minutes at 07:09 PM on Jan 23, 2010 | comments
| No debe ser visto como una especie de presion malvada de algunos numeros que avanzan poco a poco, finalemente 10 minutos es bastante, tanto que no creo que nadie se interese en leer ni este post ni cualquier otro hasta el final.. Por lo menos yo no... (more)
216 words in 10 minutes at 02:51 PM on Jan 23, 2010 | comments
| I am feeling so blessed to be able to release some of my angry and frustration. It feels amazing to have been celebrated and loved from 60 people this weekend. And I could honestly say that some of them have changed my life. At this present time, I'm v... (more)
158 words in 5 minutes at 03:44 AM on Jan 23, 2010 | comments
| I’m watching the Haiti telethon imagining that if 10,000,000 people donate $100 everyone would consider it to be a great success. That would be about 6% of the bonus money of one of the big banks. If 200,000 people have died as a result of the eart... (more)
214 words in 0 minutes at 07:53 AM on Jan 23, 2010 | comments
| I've had a break from school. Been stumbling the internet. Realizing that I want to create a list of 100 things to do before I die. If you're reading this, I challenge you to write your own Bucket List. Don't just sit down and think of 100 influen... (more)
315 words in 10 minutes at 01:31 AM on Jan 23, 2010 | comments
| so this is my first time trying this. i must say i like the idea of having/forcing myself to write for ten minutes. there of corse is the obvious fears (what will i write about what if i run out of stuff to say) but i think so far i'm doing pretty good... (more)
457 words in 10 minutes at 11:13 PM on Jan 22, 2010 | comments

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