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| Cool air helps me a lot. I wonder how much where you were born determines how you deal with different weather patterns? D was born in the desert and loves the dry heat. I was born in the south of england and I love the cool, moist air. Today seems ... (more)
239 words in 10 minutes at 08:35 PM on Jan 17, 2010 | comments
| I like to think about things nobody else thinks about. Like Avatar. What are some of the key differences between Na'vi psychology and human psychology? Or, in a more practical sense, why isn't there animal crap everywhere on Pandora? Also, how did t... (more)
437 words in 14 minutes at 06:02 PM on Jan 17, 2010 | comments
| I've killed Charlie. ..What? I've killed Charlie. What are you on about? I made him do another line, and now he's dead in the bathroom. _Oh fucking hell._ OK, I'm coming. bang bang bang Hey Charlie, you alright in there man... (more)
271 words in 16 minutes at 11:33 AM on Jan 18, 2010 | comments
| this is my fourth/fifth time re-writing this first sentence. told'chu im a perfectionist. anyways. the thing i like about writeforten is tha' i hardly know anybody who posts on this website, and im glad i don't, 'cause that means my friends don'... (more)
278 words in 10 minutes at 02:53 PM on Jan 17, 2010 | comments
| Now have the sun over my shoulder, and it's warmer. I am not being me so to speak. I'm not one to talk too much about the weather. I am feeling tight though, right across the shoulder blade to shoulder blade. Will this help? This writing for 10 minute... (more)
184 words in 10 minutes at 02:49 PM on Jan 17, 2010 | comments
| its late, and imma supposed to be in bed, cause my daddy's goin' be real pissed off at me if he finds out that im NOT in bed, but who cares (: okay. i don't exactly know how im going to randomly type things out here within 10 minutes because im a ... (more)
516 words in 10 minutes at 07:33 PM on Jan 17, 2010 | comments
| Of all the imaginary things that we ever invented, including God, time is the worst of all. I keep telling myself that time is purely imaginary. That it is not a shard of science but rather a piece of philosophy that binds everything and even the ever ... (more)
321 words in 17 minutes at 01:43 PM on Jan 17, 2010 | comments
| Kay, so this is the first time i'm writing! nice (: and why am i writing? cause i wanna make a special person happy. i miss my dearest mama so much. (i bet noone knows what i'm writing about...) and i guess, i'm writing for myself too. sometimes, its g... (more)
269 words in 10 minutes at 01:00 PM on Jan 17, 2010 | comments
| History. It's an exercise in futility. What's the point in it? All this about 'using the past to explain the present' is a load of rubbish. Because you can't ever know the truth about the past, all you're doing by writing History is constructing a m... (more)
158 words in 15 minutes at 04:52 PM on Jan 17, 2010 | comments
| i need a broadband... i need a broadband.. i need a broadband. can i get one??? can i get one?? can i get one? should i get one? should i get one?? should i get one??? -lily cenarion cafe (more)
39 words in 3 minutes at 09:11 AM on Jan 17, 2010 | comments

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