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How is the school involved in an internship?
The school runs the internship course, which is completed online by the student. The school helps students to be prepared for the internship.
What are the employers responsibility with an internship?
Employers are responsibly to help students to have a learning experience as part of their internship. The student intern will have a supervisor at the internship site that will be responsible for helping the student during the course of the internship. Along with job training and guidance, the internship supervisor will also help the student intern in setting goals (we call them learning objectives) as part of the internship. These goals should help the student intern to apply the things that they have learned in their coursework as well as contribute to the [company/place of employment]. Partway into the duration of the internship course, the student intern and the supervisor will meet and review the goals they have set. This is a time for the intern to get feedback from their supervisor about their goals as well as adjust the goals as needed. Close to the end of the duration of the internship course, the supervisor will complete an evaluation of the student intern which will help to determine a portion of the students grade in the course. This evaluation is primarily based on the goals that were set and the students ability to accomplish them.

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What can I expect from a student intern?
In order for Huntsman students to receive academic credit that will appear on their college transcript, they are required to complete an internship course. In order to complete this course the student will have to accomplish goals that they set (preferably with their employer/supervisor at work). The work supervisor is someone at the company where they work who will work closely with the student intern. The supervisor should be someone who would be able to train and assist the student and the person at the place of employment who will be familiar with the work of the student intern. This will also be the person who will help the intern to set goals (learning objectives) with the student, complete a mid-semester progress check with the student to review the goals and adjust if needed, and complete the final evaluation for the intern which will help determine the student’s grade in the course. The primary contact with the University is the student and the student should know what is required of the them and the employer/supervisor. If you have questions about the internship or concerns with the student intern, please don’t hesitate to contact the internship coordinator. Student interns are expected to work hard and provide value to the organization where they work. They should be able to exhibit some level of knowledge of the basic tenets of business. If there are specific and critical things that you (as an employer) feel that students are missing, please let the Internship Coordinator know so we can address the problem.
Click here if you would like a list of the courses that students are required to take for specific majors.

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How much should I pay interns?
While we can’t tell you how much you should pay interns, we can give you a few resources for figuring out what you should pay interns. Keep in mind that generally the quality of an intern experience will usually include the amount you pay. In order to get more applicants for a position and increase the quality of an internship, a competitive intern pay is expected.
What is required to consider a position an internship?
Here at the Huntsman School of Business we have a few different classifications for internships. An Introductory Internship is one in which a majority of the work the student intern will complete is related to business. Possible business related tasks include… Tasks that would qualify a student to receive internship credit include: door-to-door sales, telemarketing, copying, scheduling appointments. While these tasks may be good for a future employee to know how to do, they aren’t what the Huntsman School of Business would consider an internship. An Advanced Internship would include work and tasks that are related to a specific area of business. This usually corresponds to a students’ major and career goals. There are also graduate level internships for Accounting, Management Information Systems (MIS) and MBAs.

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Hiring FAQs

  • How much should I pay interns?
  • What is required to consider a position an internship?
  • What can I expect from a student intern?
  • How is the school involved in an internship?
  • What are the employers responsibility with an internship?
  • What is the best way to get word out to students about jobs and internships?
  • What do I have to do to meet with students on campus?
    • How can I meet with students?
  • What is the benefit of meeting with students on campus?
  • Can interviews take place on campus?
  • What is the best time-frame for posting jobs/internships?
    • I want to hire someone by date. When should I post the position?
  • How do I become part of the career fair?
  • What other events on campus can I be involved in?
  • What is an information session?
  • What clubs and other student organizations are there on campus?
  • How can I ensure that only the best candidates apply for the open position?
  • Will you screen candidates for me? Can you just send me your recommendations for the position?
  • Why would I want to hire Huntsman students?
  • How can I become more involved with the Huntsman School of Business?
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I believe that the internet has created a culture of time-wasters. I am saying this fully aware that I am in no way immune to this statement. It is a marvel to me how much useless stuff is on the internet. There is useful things on the internet as well, but I believe the use of that is much less than the use of the things that don’t provide value. I’m not really a negative person. I don’t complain too often like this. I wouldn’t consider myself fed up about the matter because people ultimately can choose how they spend their time, including how they spend their time on the internet. I really wish there was more on the internet that facilitated useful/purposeful contributions. Communication is important and there is definitely a ton of that on the internet. Sometimes I wish there was a little less talk and a little more action. That the interactions you have with people on the internet deal with accomplishing something worthwhile. There are many popular sites that have the opportunity to do something great, but they don’t take it. In order to improve the value that someone gets out of the internet, the time a person spends on the internet needs to decrease. In order to increase the value a person gets from the internet, they need to find people who they can help and who can help them. A persons attitude should be focused on creating relationships that will improve and uplift your own life and others. There is no room on the internet (or in this life for that matter) for putting people down.

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