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I have kinda been putting off writing tonight. I don’t know why really. Last time I wrote, I didn’t have anything to write. It made me feel like I wasn’t very good at this. It is interesting how you don’t like to do the things you don’t feel like you are good at. One of my favorite quotes: “Much of the happiness in this life comes from having something worthwhile to do and doing it well.” I think it would be pretty easy to be depressed if you didn’t feel like you could do anything well. I think sometimes people will justify not trying anything new because they may find out they can’t do it well. It would be easy to be critical of people who try things. But that might be a sign of insecurity. There is a healthy attitude that people can and should have when it comes to trying something new. The success comes simply in trying something new and from there it can only grow. There is no reason that trying something new (an probably more specifically, creating something new) will lead to an experience where something is lost. It will only lead to gaining. It will only lead to something better. In a lot of ways, trying new things is the way we all learn and grow. Great discoveries would never be had if people weren’t OK with trying something new. I really hope my life can be full of trying new things. I don’t want to ever become stagnant. There is more to it than just trying new things, but not much can happen if new things aren’t first tried. It is the basis of so many good things.

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I have 2 of the cutest daughters on the entire planet. I am not sure how I am so blessed. They are funny and smart. I am glad they like each other. I really hope they grow up liking each other too. It is a sad thing to see siblings that don’t get along. I would think with as close as they are in age that they would be friends. I really wonder what kind of parenting encourages (or discourages) siblings being friends. I am lucky to have the girls I have, but I also think my girls are lucky to have each other.

Today’s Plinky Prompt is: What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?

I really like to create a home that is comfortable and safe. I would like it to be a place of calm. A place of love and support. A place of order. I really think that a lot of those things work together. I think if a house is orderly in appearance, a place where kind words are spoken, and a place where the media that is let into the home is uplifting, then it will be a place where my family will want to be. In the little apartment we are living in now, there really isn’t much on the wall. We have a few decorations around the house that have been given to us. I like having mirrors in the house, not because I am vain and like looking at myself, but because mirrors reflect light and they also figuratively it reflects the feelings of the home. I also like a home that has many big windows that bring in natural light. It makes for a much more natural experience. I have done a little research on feng shui and I might take into consideration the chi of the room.

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I woke up with a sore throat and a headache and I have had it almost all day. I thought it was because I was fasting, but I am not fasting anymore and I still have a headache. My wife told me to take some Menuka honey and Ibuprofen. I have done that now as well. I really don’t like having a sore throat or a headache.

I am excited to really get things going tomorrow with social media stuff at my new job. I have some ideas. Part of me is a little nervous. I am not really sure why and I don’t have much reason to be nervous. The person who basically started the social media stuff at my work has done a really good job. The last person who has had the job I don’t think was quite as active.

These are my goals for social media:
*Facebook should be the goto place for students seeking information about the happenings of the school.
*I would like to be able to be a have Twitter as a good place for communication and maybe even feedback. I would also like to create a hashtag that can be used for constituents of the school. (My biggest issue with this is creating a hashtag that is simple and not too many letters.)
*I would like LinkedIn to be a place for students and alumni to connect and have conversations. Especially conversations about careers and job opportunities.
*I would like to consistently create videos for (current and potential) students and alumni to be posted on YouTube. This would likely be a place where the schools clout will shine. Especially as it relates to the speakers on campus.

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I almost forgot to write today.

I am tired and it’s almost midnight. When I am tired, my mind doesn’t always want to work.

It was nice today to have a day to spend at home. All we really had was a Wedding Shower at 4.

Our little 2 year-old has got a raspy voice. It is funny to listen to her. She says her throat doesn’t hurt. But she does have a runny nose along with it.

I got an email today about posting some links on a few social media sites. They came in a bit of a rushed manner. I am not a big fan of being rushed. If I can plan things out, it is better. I have a few things to think about as it relates to managing some of the social media outlets. My workplace could be improved by having better communication. I will do my part to help improve that.

I would really like to create a few SlideShare slideshows. I have an idea based on the most popular post on my blog.

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I can’t get my preferences to work correctly on Chrome so that my selected webpages come up every time I open the browser. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I think it might be because of some of the extensions I have installed. I will have to start to remove some of them. I have quite a few.

I am really trying to make writing daily a habit.

Today I graduated with my Master’s degree. It was a long and tiring day. It is late now. And I am tired. It was really good to spend time with family. The hooding ceremony was long and hot and tiring. Grandpa set next to me (because he was the one who hooded me) and reminded me that every one of the names that is read is important to someone. The process itself doesn’t seem like the most efficient thing. But I also think I am a little more concerned with efficiency than the average bear. And it is not something that happens often for the average person.

It will be nice to spend tomorrow morning around the house getting things done and getting things in order. Mornings seem to be a time when I am able to get things done more easily. In the evenings I just want to relax most of the time. I need to be a little better at managing my energy. I know that has a lot to do with the way I treat my body, including nutrition, exercise, and sleep. I also think it has something to do with time management and planning. I really wish that the things I want to do and the things I actually do were the same thing more often.

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