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Recall the last time you were on a Ferris wheel. (From plinky.com)

I am going to try to write every day if possible. Plinky.com has a good writing prompt every day. I have them sent to my email. There are many in the past that I should’ve written. I will just have to go back and write some of the best questions/prompts.

The last time I was in a Ferris wheel was a couple of years ago with my brother-in-law. It was at Lagoon. I had a good time with him at Lagoon. I took a picture from the top of the ferris wheel. I should’ve taken a picture of my brother-in-law, but I just took a picture of the lights. They definitely aren’t as interesting as my brother-in-law.

The Ferris wheel as Lagoon is huge. The cars are in a circle and a group of people all sit around. There is a wheel in the middle that the group can spin. I don’t remember who I was with, but once I was riding the Ferris wheel with a group and we decided to spin the car. One of the people in the group was scared and thought that spinning the wheel would unscrew the car from the Ferris wheel. I thought it was pretty funny. It just baffles me that someone would create a Ferris wheel that anyone who rode it could unscrew.

I don’t know if I have ridden a Ferris wheel besides the one at Lagoon. I cannot think of a time that I might’ve. I have been to Disneyland a couple of times, but I don’t think there is a Ferris wheel there. It seems like there is usually a Ferris wheel at county fairs, but I have never spent the money to ride on one of those. There is a vision/montage of a good date happening at an amusement park or county fair… I have never done that though.

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I am writing this post because I am supposed to be putting together a presentation. I have a class that I am taking and we are doing a group presentation where we are supposed to teach the rest of the class about an article that we have read and then use some sort of assessment to find out if the class understood what we taught. Our group has broken up the tasks for the presentation. I am supposed to teach a practical part of the presentation. Meaning, I give a demonstration of what the students are supposed to know. The entire presentation should be around 17 minutes. The problem with the article that we read is that some of the practical aspects of it are outdated. An older version of a computer program is what is used. I regretfully admit that I am not very motivated to prepare for the presentation. I am trying hard, but for some reason, the summer is not the best time to be motivated to do schoolwork. That is not to say that the summer there is not much motivation to learn. The summer is a great time to learn, but it is nice to be able to learn your own curriculum not someone else’s. When I am done writing this, I will go back to working on the presentation. I don’t really want to, but I even more so don’t want to look like a fool in front of my class or be the only member of the group that doesn’t pull his weight. Peer pressure is wonderful, isn’t it. I will be happy when this assignment is done, but then there will just be more assignments. They just keep coming almost all summer long. Not really much of a break, ever. It’s OK, I suppose. There could be worse things than having to complete assignments. And it is good to stay on my toes and keep on working. Sometimes all the work will push me to be better. Sometimes it paralyzes me.

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I am writing for only the second time since joining this sight. It is late and I am watching TV. I have been busy. I have had some crazy dreams recently. I dreamt that I couldn’t open my eyes. Very strange dream.

I am categorizing my social media profiles. This profile fits in the writing related profiles along with 750words.com. I like this one because sometimes it can take quite a bit of time to write 750 words and I don’t feel accomplished on that site unless I have. I also feel a little guilty when I don’t write 750 words for a whole month. Something I really like about 750 words is that it uses metadata and goes into your subconscious. You get a little reading about your mood and analyzed what you write a little bit. I suppose it is good to stretch yourself as well, which is something both sites do, only in different ways.

I have been looking into a site called Wahooly recently. I like the idea of the site. It is kinda interesting.

I have a lot of social media profiles. Most of them are displayed on my Google+ profile. I would like to be able to share and develop them in different ways. I have considered making a bunch of blog posts that displays the different sites and what they have to offer. I don’t have many profile sites that begin with the letter E. Maybe I should create and Etsy account or an Ebay account. I don’t know what I would sell though.

Klout lists Write for Ten as on of my influencers. Last time I posted there were some nice people that commented and made me feel welcome as part of the community of sorts.

I like free writing. I don’t feel like I can write for long periods of time if I have specific things to write about.

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I have to write for ten minutes and I better not stop until I am done. My wife is helping out with a service project so she bought a whole bunch of stuff to make kits for a women’s shelter. There is a lot of things in our little apartment. I don’t think it was very fair for a woman with a very young child to have to go to all the stores she did to buy all of the stuff. But she did and I guess it is for charity so I shouldn’t complain. My wife is sweet to help out.

I really like the idea of write for ten. I have previously used 750 words and I like that idea too. It might be a little more realistic for me to write for ten then it is for me to write 750 words.

I am going to test some of the formatting so I can possibly use them in the future.
h1. Awesome
h2. Very Cool
h3. Stupendous

What else can I write…

  • How about a list?
    • or another item on the list.

#Let’s try the ordered list now

  1. Or how about italics
    1. I am not sure how I can tell if this works.

Maybe I will have to wait and see after I am done typing. A good way to try to make this a habit is to set a time when I can write every single day. I am working on using the Pomodoro method of time management. It gives me 5 minutes for every 25 minutes I work. I can maybe do it then. I will just have to see. Should I mark this as private? Can people comment?

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