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“Dean, what are you doing here?”

“I just wanted to get the rest of my stuff.”

Dean brushed past him, not even looking him in the eyes. He started walking towards the stairs and Roman couldn’t believe this.

“That’s it? You just want to get your stuff? We can’t talk?”

The dirty blonde stopped at the stairs, one leg bouncing up and down on the first step.

“Talk about what? We’re over right? Thought you made that clear.”

I made it clear? I thought you made it pretty clear when you powerbombed me with him.”

Dean turned back to face Roman who was already walking over to him. This was it. They needed to talk about whatever this was.

“I didn’t do it for him or anything. I just wanted to win.”

“It doesn’t matter why you did it. You turned your back on me.”

“Are you kidding me!?” Dean’s voice rose and he closed the gap inbetween them. Face to face, they hid nothing. Their eyes were stormy with emotions that they never revealed.

“You’re the one that turned your back on me. After you won this, stupid, stupid title again you forgot about me! I wasn’t important anymore.”


Dean cut him off with a wave of his hand. He broke the eye contact and took a few steps away before turning his back. Roman could see his hands shaking at his sides. And he finally got it.

“You thought I was turning into him…” Roman’s voice was low and defeated.

“You… You left me Rome.”

Roman could feel his heart breaking. He thought back to wrestlemania. He was so damn bitter. Finally, the title was his again but it was like no one cared. The crowd hated him and he let that get to him.

“Fuck, Dean. I…” What could he say? He had spent so much time blaming Dean and Seth that he never even looked at himself.

“I thought that if I took the title it would go back to the way it was. Then you got suspended. That was my fault.”

“No, don’t put that on yourself.” Roman felt glued in place.

“I thought it had been over. So I just cared about the title. That fucking title.”

Dean’s voice sounded so burdened, so rough. It broke Roman’s stillness and he walked across the room. Dean turned to him and Roman wrapped his arms around him.

“I’m so sorry Dean.” His eyes were wet with tears and Dean wasn’t hugging back. He wasn’t pushing him away either so Roman continued.

“I promised you that I would never be like him. I swore that I wouldn’t leave you or hurt you like he did to us. But we never talked about what he really did.”

That seemed to break something in Dean and he hugged Roman tightly, sobbing into his chest. Dean crying made Roman start crying too.

“I saw,” Dean tried to speak in the midst of crying. “I saw the way he treated you but I didn’t do anything about it.”

“But he did the same to you.” Roman replied, just hugging Dean tighter.

“God, he fucked us up.” It was true. Even two years later, Dean and Roman were still healing. For so long they had repressed it, even looked for revenge. Because they never talked about, the first sign of abandonment from either of them had sent both of them off the edge. They tried to leave before they were left and ended up breaking each others hearts.

For a long time they stood in the middle of the hallway just holding each other and crying. It felt so good to have Dean in his arms again.

“I missed you.” Roman sighed, kissing the top of Dean’s head.

“Missed you too.” Dean mumbled into his chest.

“You know you’re my best friend right? You’re my brother Dean, I’m here for you.”

Dean nodded.

“I’m sorry. I should have told you when I started feeling like this.”

“We should have had this conversation a long time ago. Let’s sit.” Roman led Dean to the couch where they sat together, still hugging.

“I never told you how I felt Dean. We jumped into our own relationship just to get over Seth. Two damaged people can’t just recover like that.”

Dean didn’t respond, just held onto Roman like his life depended on it. So the older man kept talking. He told Dean about how he felt while he was with Seth. All the things Seth had done, how his emotions were played with. He explained how the championship had given him so of that control back. He started chasing that control and it clouded his mind. It wasn’t an excuse, just an explanation. It felt good to let it all out.

After he let it out, he waited for do to say something. The blonde let him go just to wipe his eyes before hugging him again.

“I didn’t know…”

“No one did. I kept it all inside, mostly. That’s why I snapped after TLC. I just, I needed that back.”

“I get it now. God, we could have had this conversation years ago.”

Roman couldn’t help but laugh in agreement.

Now Dean let out his frustrations. He talked about what happened to him after Seth left them. That lunatic concept was the only thing that kept him somewhat sane. It let him voice all his frustrations without actually facing his problems.

“I pretended that nothing bothered me. Even when we were alone. But it was always there, scratching at the back of me head. I wanted you to fix it for me, so I put all that burden on you. You took care of me and when you stopped I just got selfish. I almost ruined everything.”

“But you didn’t. We’re still here. We still have each other, right?”

“Right.” Dean sniffed, rubbing at his face again.

“Let’s stay friends. For like, for forever Roman.”

“You got it Deano.”

After talking and hugging each other for a few more hours, the two ordered takeout. They were all cried out, eating and watching football. It felt good, felt like old times again.

During half time Roman finally checked his phone. A couple texts from Finn.

Finn: Are you still going to be home tomorrow?

Finn: Thought I’d pop in.

Roman: I’ll be here, come over!

“Who’s that?” Dean leaned in resting his head on Roman’s shoulder.

Oh jesus, you didn’t tell him about Finn

“Uh, Finn Balor.”

“You guys fucking?” Roman groaned, pushing him away.

“Don’t be gross.”

“Come on! We’re best friends now, not exes. So tell me about it.”

“We’re not having sex.”

“Not yet, right?”

“We’re just…talking right now.”

“Ooooo you’ve got a crush!” Dean was laughing, poking him all over.

“Roman’s got a crush on a demon. Roman and Finn, in a tree-”

“Will you shut up!” Roman jumped him and they started wrestling on the couch.

“Roman’s in love!!”

Laughter erupted from the couch and it felt like the old days again.

“Man, just sleep on the couch or something.”

Roman was cleaning off the coffee table while Dean got ready to leave. It was already dark out and Dean was prepared to drive to the next hotel.

“I gotta be in town early. ‘Sides, don’t want your boyfriend to get the wrong idea.”

“Finn knows about us. I mean, knows we’re best friends and all. I just want you to be safe man.”

“Yeah yeah big man, I’ll be fine. Thanks. For everything Roman.” Dean slipped on his beanie before coming in for a hug. They held each other for a moment before letting go.

“Love you man, be good.”

“Don’t be sappy.”


“Love you too!” Dean laughed and Roman walked him to his car. They hugged one more time before Dean drove off into the night.

For the first time in a long time Roman went to bed without a weight on his shoulder. He had Dean, his Dean, back in his life. He had Finn, bright like the sun, becoming a regular, amazing part of his life. He was gonna get that US title. It wasn’t perfect, he wasn’t cured, but he was better. And that’s all that he could ask for.

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