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There were hundreds of butterflies all around me. All flying in the same direction. I wonder how they all know. Despite all the cars and buildings and people they continue on their path. I know there’s some animal instinct stuff going on but it’s better to just dream.

Maybe every butterfly is a soul, flying past you in an instant. Just one brightens up a day but hundreds? I don’t think I’ve ever been so naturally happy in such a long time. So thinking about them as people that were loved and lost makes me a bit happier.

Life doesn’t not end or even start in the body. A soul is always there. Soul’s are forever, soaring past us and in us every single day. Sometime’s we’re lucky enough to find the soul that was meant just for us. More often than not we only get to see them fly past us, kind of like a butterfly.

Even as the world becomes more and more building rather than nature, the butterflies will still no where to go and how to get there. When humans are finally long gone the butterflies and the souls they carry will still be here. And that helps me go to sleep at night.

Knowing that no matter what life will go on makes me want to take chances. I don’t want to live a life that my immortal soul wouldn’t be happy with. I want to live something fulfilling. I want to know that even after this life is over, the things I do will be seen in the next life. I want to be proud of myself.

I don’t think about dying as much as I used to, which is good. I want to worry about living first. I want to make my name known in the would first. No one is going to stop me.

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The sun starts to set and I put my uniform on. On the bottom white tights with a black line that ran down the back, my favorite black shoes with the glitter and a black skirt with white trim. On the top a black shirt with my bright purple name tag and the diner’s logo. I put my braids into a high bun and wrapped my lace choker around my neck before grabbing my bag and my to go cup of A positive and heading out of the door.

Being a vampire used to not leave me with a lot of job opportunities, I know it didn’t. But since I made it to Night Vale (don’t ask me how) I found a job as a waitress at the Moonlite All Night Diner rather quickly. Like I was meant to work there.

Walking to the dinner was more muscle memory than anything. I had been working there longer than I can remember. I know I had a life before this but I don’t feel like thinking about it. Instead I sipped from my cup and walked towards the bright neon green light that lead to my second home.

Charlie, the cook was already cooking up a storm even though no one was in the diner just yet. Marcy and Missy were wiping down the tables before stopping to greet me. I waved at them and slipped to the back to drop my stuff off.

Marcy and Missy were vampires too, born and raised here in Night Vale. Charlie wasn’t a vampire, but he wasn’t a human either. I thought I would be rude to ask exactly what it was, so I just treated him like one of the vamps.

A few people trickled in but things didn’t get very busy at all. Then one of my regulars walked in. A hooded figure. I was the only one that would take their order so they usually tipped me pretty nice. One can never have too many blood stones.

They took their seat in the corner and suddenly the whole diner got colder. Oh well. I walked over to them and gave my biggest smile.

“Evening sugar, what can I get you?”

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