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The first few days everyone figured that the owner of the mustang had a second car and was away. It made sense, why else would someone put a cover on their fancy car?

So we didn’t ask any questions and kept walking past it. I started to image what it looked like under the beige canvas like cover. What color was it? What did the inside look like? What did the driver look like? Someone rich obviously, or at least they had rich parents.

After a week and a half passed I got really curious. I just wanted to know what the big secret was. Teddy told me that I should stay away from it but I could tell she wanted to know too. So we started walking closer to it on our way to class and back. We were the only ones that really took this route since it required going to the farthest parking lot so I’m sure not many people had seen the car.

After two weeks the car started to smell. Not like garbage or spoiled milk. This scent was really rotten like nothing I had ever smelled before. But it wasn’t very strong unless you took a real deep breath so we just held our breath and kept walking.

By the third week the smell was even worse and I couldn’t take. Teddy gagged more than once on our way and back so I wanted to put a stop to it.

I told Teddy to help me and the two of us lifted the cover off from the front and let it gently roll into itself until the front half was uncovered.

Everything stopped for a second until Teddy started screaming but even that was muffled. It wasn’t until I heard her feet hit the pavement when she ran that I finally process what I was looking at.

Two bodies. One in the driver’s seat and one in the passengers. They didn’t even look like people with their faces destroyed, partly from rotting and partly from whatever happened to them before that.

Part of me was curious but the other part could feel that bile rising up my throat so I ran to, yelling at Teddy to wait for me.

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