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Persephone sat down in her favorite chair in the flower shop. Right inbetween the roses and the carnations. She could see the entire shop and right out the window. And it was just about time…

And there he was. The owner of the tattoo parlor next door Hades’ Place. The guy was just a bit older, with black short hair and a whole collage of tattoos on his body. He was walking right past her store for the hundreth time. On his way to lunch at the Italian Bistro a few blocks away. And boy was he handsome. The young woman couldn’t get enough of him, but he was only there for a moment. Didn’t even look inside. Oh well.

Persephone sat for a little bit longer until some customers came in. Her day went as usual. Order after order, a new shipment and all of the deliveries. Sometimes she wondered what the guy, Hades she presumed, was doing. Probably covering someone else is birds or words or something people get tattooed.

Why was she even thinking about him? She shook it off and continued snipping buds off of her roses when the door opened again.
“Welcome to-” She turned back and stopped. There he was. Hades stood by the door, a smile on his face.

“Oh. Welcome to my flower shop.”

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I don’t know who I am anymore. Am I supposed to be here? What am I meant to do?

I have a name but there’s no meaning, no memory behind it. It’s like I was thrust into this body. I’m not supposed to be here, I shouldn’t be here. But I just can’t leave.

These people say that they’re my friends but if so, how could they not see? Can they not notice all the changes? I’ve decided to keep away, block myself off from them. This isn’t right.

Sometimes I have nightmares. Vivid sees of something that I can’t remember when I’m awake. I can’t wake up until they’re over but I still can’t remember what is was whenever I wake up. But in those dreams I know that I am myself. They give me a rush, a reason to keep going, keep trying to make sense of this crazy life that I now have. This life that isn’t mine.

He has the answers, I know he does. Every time he looks at me I see it on his face. Why is he keeping it from me? Why won’t he tell me the truth if he knows that’s what I’m seeking? Is he playing this game as well? Or will he be my saving grace?

So many questions that I don’t know where to begin. I finally have him alone and I’m speechless, but he is too. He just stares at me, stares at me like he sees me and I see him. I look him in the eye and I ask.

“Who am I?”

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I should be productive, but instead I’m daydreaming. Wondering about my future and where it will take me. Wondering where I’ll take myself. I can’t write a research paper while I think about the places that are waiting for me to discover them.

I daydream about the mountains, trail barely touched by anyone. I wonder if it will take me all day or if I’ll stay for the night. I’m curious about how the stars will look when I get closer. I think about having the best view in the world.

I daydream about the rainforests, undisturbed rivers and plants up to my waist. I wonder how careful I’ll have to be and how much my tour guide will scold me for picking up something I shouldn’t have. I wonder if I could climb a tree like a monkey or if I’ll jump in the water like a frog. I think about having the best stories to tell.

I daydream about other countries, meeting new people. I wonder how long it takes me to actually have a conversation in another language. I wonder how much of the food I’ll eat and how much I’ll never regret it. I think about meeting some of the best people ever.

I think best when I’m supposed to be doing something else.

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I’ve always wanted to be a guardian angel, but I never thought it would be this hard. My name is Sariel and my human is Jonah Patterson.

Jonah was born on July 20th, 1997. I was appointed as his angel on April 8th, 2009. He had just lost his sister and I was supposed to keep him safe. He wasn’t supposed to see me.

“Who are you?” He yelled, sitting in his bed. He wasn’t scared or even surprised. He was to broken to really care and who I was. I’d never heard of a child actually seeing their angel, so I approached with caution. “I’m a friend.”
“I don’t want any friends. I want my sister.” I sat on the edge of the bed, heart breaking for him. “I cant give you that, but I can make sure that you’re never lonely.” He looked skeptical, like he had heard that from too many people already. “Jonah, don’t worry. I’m not like them. I won’t leave you.” I leaned forward slowly, reaching to touch his chest, right at his heart. “I’m bound to you now.” He gasped, feeling our energy move back and forth. He nodded happily. “Okay.”

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