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I packed up a small bag full of the essential things that I wouldn’t be able to get at the island. I told my friends that I would be back to the mainland in two weeks and my family that I would be home in three.

The boat ride felt long and as the mainland escaped my sight I wondered if I would ever see it again. My worst fear was drowning in the ocean and never being seen again. If I was bitten by a shark they might be able to find my body. But there was hushed talk about mermaids there and I had to see for myself. I had a camera and a diving kit so I could get close enough to see them in real life.

Mermaids were thought to be practically extinct long before I was born so I only heard stories of the wonderful creatures that spoke in melodies. My parents used to tell me that they weren’t really gone, they just swammed down deeper than anything man made could go.

There were so many different types and even more that land people didn’t know about. This could be their last reachable habitat so if that meant that I had to take a small boat to a tiny island then I would do it.

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Persephone sat down in her favorite chair in the flower shop. Right inbetween the roses and the carnations. She could see the entire shop and right out the window. And it was just about time…

And there he was. The owner of the tattoo parlor next door Hades’ Place. The guy was just a bit older, with black short hair and a whole collage of tattoos on his body. He was walking right past her store for the hundreth time. On his way to lunch at the Italian Bistro a few blocks away. And boy was he handsome. The young woman couldn’t get enough of him, but he was only there for a moment. Didn’t even look inside. Oh well.

Persephone sat for a little bit longer until some customers came in. Her day went as usual. Order after order, a new shipment and all of the deliveries. Sometimes she wondered what the guy, Hades she presumed, was doing. Probably covering someone else is birds or words or something people get tattooed.

Why was she even thinking about him? She shook it off and continued snipping buds off of her roses when the door opened again.
“Welcome to-” She turned back and stopped. There he was. Hades stood by the door, a smile on his face.

“Oh. Welcome to my flower shop.”

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