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133 words in 6 minutes at 09:12 AM on Jan 28, 2013

i don’t feel like writing about you tonight.

8 words in 0 minutes at 02:20 AM on Jan 18, 2013 | comments

‘you can’t tell yourself not to care
you can’t tell yourself how to fell’

this two sentences struck me while listening to one of my favorite records. they could not be more precise as to what is going through my head right now. i can see it happening to you, just like it did to me on these past years. i wish i could make it easier for you. maybe it would even fix some things that have gone astray, for both of us. but alas, you being so much like me, it probably wouldn’t do any good.

98 words in 8 minutes at 01:48 AM on Jan 10, 2013 | comments

funny that it should be you to have me started once again. it’s like you’d seen it from the very start. and how could you not, me being the worst liar ever?

memories run through my head like the trains we used to watch. it’s been four years, and still i remember. the used pair of chucks, the ragged jeans and one black glove. the eye contour.

67 words in 44 minutes at 03:23 AM on Jan 03, 2013 | comments

drunken notes on a napkin

time and time again
i’ve seen those eyes before
and i keep fooling myself
they actually mean something

23 words in 2 minutes at 03:13 AM on Jan 03, 2013 | comments

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