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there is too much light in here

i’m trying to put it in words
which is probably why
i fail so miserably
both now, and when we (don’t) talk.

actually, there’s nothing of importance i have to say
that you don’t already know
yet, when i write it down,
it keeps me company.

i worry that it might be approaching
a time where all those years
will fade into memory

it is long past since i’ve learnt
that all things eventually do.

i hope you are well
and do not worry much about me,
i’ll make it soon.

98 words in 10 minutes at 10:36 PM on Apr 22, 2013 | comments

you’re always in my mind
on the way home
almost called you tonight
but its enough.
already it is all naked.
this time
it’s past time
to resume where we left.
maybe not too late
to begin anew.
actions will tell
better than words
what will be
will be.

49 words in 10 minutes at 03:38 AM on Apr 11, 2013 | comments

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178 words in 6 minutes at 03:47 PM on Mar 24, 2013

don’t you ever get tired of all this?
you’re all so full of shit
that it makes me wonder
how you can move at all

you expect your little whims and complaints
to provoke movement, action
while all i see you doing these days
is talk, talk and talk.

i wish i could stop writing right now
this is not what i want from this exercises
but it keeps on coming
and you keep provoking me
never letting me go
just to see if i’ll respond
you already know that i’ll always do.

try to get some sleep now
i’ll find what i can.

104 words in 10 minutes at 02:28 AM on Mar 18, 2013 | comments

‘a life like androl’s could indicate a man who would not commit or be satisfied, but it could also indicate something else: a man who searched. a man who knew that the life he wanted existed out there. he just had to find it.’

44 words in 1 minute at 05:37 PM on Mar 03, 2013 | comments

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