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biting nails
and drinking coffee
on a stormy night
silently watching the water
running down the window
and the lightning
crossing the dark sky

a single candle burns
over an old table
covered with crumpled sheets,
blues records,
and odd notebooks

trying to find the words
that would bring myself back
to reality
but they slip from my mind

59 words in 10 minutes at 04:21 AM on Nov 11, 2013 | comments

another ghost
sitting, crosslegged
waiting for a friend
just like i am

jessica’s her name,
but of course
i miss it at first

the way she moves
and that look in the eye

i’m sure
i’ve seen ’em

39 words in 4 minutes at 05:21 AM on Oct 26, 2013 | comments

how is it going to be like
when we lose touch?
will we still feel
this nostalgic silence?
like a distant but
always present feeling
of belonging
does it mean
you’re gone
if i can still
picture you smiling?
and does it make
any difference at all
if we both change
and become
someone else?

56 words in 7 minutes at 03:03 AM on Oct 22, 2013 | comments

black over white
looks better
and feels
less desperate
but sadder

14 words in 0 minutes at 05:16 PM on Oct 19, 2013 | comments

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