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Notes on Lee & Dey (2010) “Embedded Assessment of Aging Adults: A Concept Validation with Stakeholders”

This paper describes a study validating various concepts of embedded assessment concepts with 3 types of stakeholders: elders, family caregivers, and clinicians.

They validated 3 types of sensing: Medication Monitor, Coffee Chronicler, and Telephone Tracker. For the three types of sensing, they manipulated 3 data representation features: Task Performance, Long-term and Short-term View, and Process Details.

The paper describes 3 results:

  • Increased awareness of functional abilities
  • Differences in information needs between the stakeholders.
    • Task completion vs. Task performance
      • Task performance is valuable to all stakeholders.
      • Task performance is indicative of various information: adequacy in functional assessments, independence, and safety.
      • Task completion is useful to elderly for indicating whether medication was taken.
    • Long-term vs Short-term
      • Long-term considered valuable by all.
      • Elders would also like short-term information. Again for awareness of medication-taking.
    • Process Details
      • Details of process is important.

The paper describes 3 limitations:

  • The “Why” is missing from the data.
  • People search for significance in what they are seeing. Should they take action or be concerned with what they are seeing?
  • Noisy data from the user, not the sensors. People are complicated. The tasks that they do are not consistent.
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