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Squirrels have been living a life of luxury that humans have taken over most of the land. There are less predators prowling around the woods. No more coyotes and wolves to worry about. Everything is dandy.

This is a story of a squirrel who lived thousand of years from now. We will call him Mr. Squirrel. He lived in an unfortunate time for squirrels. This is the time when humans disappeared from the Earth. He doesn’t know where they went; they just disappeared one day.

He thought it was nice there were no more gigantic humans to worry about. No more pesky college students interrupting his afternoon foraging near a oak tree in the middle of campus. Life is dandy.

Mr. Squirrel lived in luxury for a few years. He was the big squirrel in campus. He knew the grounds. He established food storage areas near the library, the physics building, and the gymnasium.

Then one fall day, the quiet that he has enjoyed for some years was interrupted by rustling in the distance. Mr. Squirrel felt that he was being watched. He squinted his eyes towards the source of the noise, but he couldn’t make out the dark figure. He shrugged it off and returned to his preparation for winter. He found another nut under a dry leaf. He whispers to himself, “Dandy!”


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Don’t forget to breath

When I am stressed or afraid, I forget to breath. I am becoming more aware of this phenomenon.

I do karate and I have to be conscious of my breathing. The last two times I tested for an advanced green belt and a brown belt, I learned that proper breathing makes a difference. In the former test, I tired easily. I was nervous and I kept forgetting to breath. I noticed that katas (sequences of movements) were harder to perform. During the test, I felt like vomiting because of stress and fatigue. In the latter test, I kept in mind to breathe. Before the test, I started to get nervous, so I performed one of the katas that required heavy breathing. I did it several times and I felt more relaxed after.

Right now, I have several deadlines I have to meet. I am definitely stressed. My heart is beating faster than usual. I would work on my laptop for a half hour or more and I would realize that I am short of breath. Feeling like this does not help my productivity.

I have to maintain consciousness of my breath.

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I am a car

I am a car with four wheels. I go in straight lines, but sometimes I bear left and right and make hard turns.

I hate stop lights. Stop lights ruin my groove. Stop signs, too. When I am running and reaching a comfortable speed, I see a hint of red and my green radiator fluids boil.

Oh, don’t get me started with stop-and-go traffic.

Add to the things I hate: flat roads. Flat roads are boring. Yes, you can go very fast in them, but any car can go fast on a straight street. Flat roads also tend to be repetitive. You see a strip mall and a half hour later, you see another one. Woo-friggin’-hoo!

You can guess what I like. Yes, I like hills. Hills take effort. Not just any car can go fast on hills. I like both uphills and downhills. Plus, hills provide great views and they are rarely straight. I feel alive when I run around hills; I am alert; I sweat; my pistons pump harder.

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(Continued from last post)

I wait for a subway train, but I wasn’t sure which direction to take. A Japanese woman stands 5 paces away from me. I approached her and asked if she knows which subway direction I should take to get to my hostel. She directs me to the same direction she was going. I thanked her multiple times with my broken Japanese.

I stood closer to where the platform ends. The train should come soon. After 5 minutes or so, the woman taps me on the shoulders and hands me a folded piece of yellow paper. To my delight, the woman has drawn a map of the subway, the terminal at which I should stop, and the streets I should take to the hostel. I thanked her profusely. I felt so lucky to have a guardian angel during that part of the trip. After a half hour, I found the hostel.

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I slept in a bullet train to Kyoto. A few hours before, I hiked down Mt. Fuji. I had not taken a shower. I probably smelled.

The bullet train was clean and air-conditioned. I was comfortable, but I was ready to start a new adventure in Kyoto.

I woke up with lights and buildings zooming past me. “Where am I?”, I asked myself. A woman’s voice on the telecom announced, “Approaching Shin-Kyoto station.”

I panicked immediately. “Does that mean Kyoto?” speaking to myself again. I scanned the billboards on the train for a map. I found one and to my dismay the Shin-Kyoto station is after the Kyoto station. It was 11:10pm and the last bus to my hostel arrives around 11:30pm. I got off and waited for the train back to Kyoto.

I arrived in Kyoto at 11:35pm and the bus station was dark. I will have to take the subway.

(to be continued)

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