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A pigeon stands next to a trash can. He is looking for food. Snow has been falling throughout the city in the past few weeks, so food is scarce. The pigeon hopes to be lucky this time.

He surveys the trash can slowly. He takes a step, then stands on one foot. He tucks the other foot to his body to keep it warm. When the foot in the snow numbs from the cold, he takes a step with the warm foot and stands on it.

He took eleven paces around the trash can before he found a red wrapper sticking out of the snow. He flew towards his snack with one skip and seven wing flaps. He stretched his neck and pinched the wrapper with his beak.

The pigeon brought his snack to a humble corner among the bushes. The red plastic contained a piece of a Kit Kat bar.

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On the bus

A little girl with a pink jacket boards the bus with her parents. She is holding a golden dress. She asks her mom, “Where are my sparkly shoes?”

She looks out the window of the bus and screams “It’s a school day! It’s a school day!”

On my iPhone, I am checking out Google Buzz’s features. I am totally digging Google Buzz’s geolocation feature and the girl next to me. If she is buzzing, will she see this?

When a snowstorm hits your town and plops two feet of snow, a fifteen-minute bus ride will take more than an hour. I will take note of this mantra and not be late to my advisor meeting next time.

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A turtle crawls through the sand. He had spent all afternoon in the turbulent sea and now is time to go back to his little patch of clay ground at the far west corner of his neighborhood beach. He passes by other creatures returning to their respective homes; the starfish, to her humble puddle; the lobster, to his sandy pit; the hermit, to his…well, he doesn’t know where the hermit is going. The hermit rarely says anything and the turtle was not in the mood for conversation. He just wanted to go home.

The turtle contemplates his day. The life of a turtle is spent swimming all day foraging for food. These daily jaunts to and from the sea are the only times his mind is free to think about his actions. He thinks about many things: his favorite foraging spots today; the fish he chatted with; the scary corner among the rough orange corals near the edge of the reef.

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Story of a water vapor

A water vapor rises up to the sky. He says goodbye to his good friends in the sea. His friends look smaller as he gains altitude.

He arrives in a cloud. Some nice people greet him. Some are not so nice and ignores him. But the water vapor goes on with his merry ways. He floats around his new environment. It is more hectic among the clouds. Vapors are always bouncing off each other. There are always new people arriving. Nobody seems to stay very long. It’s always hi-and-bye.

Soon, the water vapor changed. He turned to liquid and into a snowflake. But alone, he remains floating in the cloud. After a while, he became lonely.

Eventually, he meets other fellow snowflakes. He held hands with these snowflakes. He became close with these snowflakes and they gathered others.

Then, the water vapor realized they’re floating away from the cloud. Slowly, they approached the green earth. The water vapor wondered what was in store for them. Will they remain together? Will they go off on their merry ways onto the ground, plants, rivers, mountains?

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A gray bird stands on a power line alone. It is late winter. The clouds hover at a distance and the ground is covered with patches of snow.

The bird is comfortable in his solitude. The air he breathes is fresh and the berries he finds are sufficient for a simple creature like him.

Another bird flies by. The gray bird looks up. He considers the new bird for a moment, notices it has blue feathers, then goes back to his own thoughts.

The blue bird flies by again; this time closer. The gray bird looks up, then returns to his own thoughts.

The blue bird lands next to the gray bird. The gray bird looks to his right and wonders to himself why the blue bird chose a spot close to him. The wire is long, there is plenty of room for other birds to perch.

The gray bird ignores the blue bird. The blue bird flaps its wings lightly. The gray bird looks again. But this time, he notices that the blue bird has brought with it two berries. The blue bird has her head turned towards the gray bird.

“One for me?”, the gray bird asks.

Then the blue bird inches towards him. The gray bird accepts the berry and they both ate. The gray bird appreciates the gesture, but wonders about the intentions of the blue stranger.

“Do you like it?”, asks the blue bird.

The gray bird agrees and smiles back.

“Wanna come see where I found the berries?”, invites the blue bird.

“Sure! After, I’ll show you a better spot to eat them with a view of the river.”, replies the gray bird.

“Great!”, exclaims the blue bird and they both flew away from the power line.

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