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My neighborhood in the Philippines when I was young had events where every neighbor would come and celebrate. These celebrations would have contests for kids. One contest is a Coca-Cola drinking contest: the kid who can finish a bottle of Coke the fastest wins a prize. In those days, my family rarely drank soft drinks. Soft drinks was a luxury reserved for special occasions. I liked drinking Coke, but being a shy kid, I refused to join these games. To encourage me to participate, my father gave me the following advice, “Go ahead and join in. Even if you lose, you get a Coke out of it.” I keep this advice in mind all the time. I believe it’s a wonderful opportunity that I have what I have, that I do what I do, and that I am what I am. Along the way, there will be successes and failures. But regardless of the outcome, I am already lucky to have participated.

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In my neighborhood Cold Stone, there is an off-the-menu ice cream mix called “Kieramisu”. The name is from the fact the mix resembles ingredients of tiramisu and it was invented by a girl name Kiera. The following are the ingredients to this wonderful concoction:

  • French vanilla ice cream
  • Coffee ice cream
  • Yellow cake
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Whipped cream

Get a whole pint or more.

Phrases to incorporate into daily conversations this week:

  • You’re the boss, applesauce!
  • Do you understand, rubberband?
  • You know what I mean, jellybean?
  • Hear what I’m sayin’, Copenhagen?
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Early morning wake-up call.
Sweet kisses.
A lovely walk through a snow-covered field.
Snowfall greeting me.
A warm office.
Warm bagel delivery.
What sweet things this day has in store for me.
And it’s only 9:30am!

Today, I will finish a draft of my new proposal. I feel good about this new version. It’s rough at this point, but I believe there’s a gem hidden under it. With my other ideas, I felt like I was feeling for something in the dark. At least with this one, I know I have something; I just need to polish it. I will do this by 4pm.

Then coffee break (though I might do this earlier).

Later in the day, I will prepare a presentation about the draft that I am writing. This presentation will help me describe the idea to Jodi and Anind.

Oh, I also have karate in 2 hours, which would be nice and relaxing.

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I was hungry. It’s dark outside. I’ve been working on my laptop in my office for more than eight hours. Thankfully, I have a Quizno sub sandwich.

I unwrapped the sub. It’s a foot long. I held the first half and took a bite. It’s really good I thought. I wondered what is in the sandwich. Then I realized Gabi brought me this sandwich. She asked me earlier if I wanted a sandwich for dinner. I didn’t know what kind of sandwich I wanted, so I told her to surprise me. I am pleasantly surprised. I am enjoying this sandwich right now.

The sandwich looks like a Philly cheesesteak. It contains sliced beef, melted cheese, and onions. How did she know I would like this?

I’m thankfully full.

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We sat on a bench in a park. I told her about growing up in Seattle. Then I segued into making up for forgetting our first dance. I asked her to dance with me; we shared earphones plugged into my iPhone. With the moon behind us and the Downtown Pittsburgh skyline in front of us, we danced to It’s a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.

Early spring has come. I don’t need Punxsatawney Phil to tell me.

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