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452 words in 10 minutes at 03:30 PM on Jun 03, 2014

She doesn’t remember where she is at first. She blinks, slowly registering the dim light, the lumpy mattress and flat pillows. It reminds her of her dorm room, but she’s fairly certain that she’s not back at Ewing Hall. The light’s different— there’s actual sunlight rather than a sun trying to break through lots of clouds. Slowly, she looks around and remembers. The furniture is just about the only nice thing in this place, typical Matt. He made most of the furniture himself, so of course those are the items that look like they’ve been cared for, like someone actually thought about them.
Anna looks around and realizes something she probably should have noticed a lot earlier rather than fretting about the dingy curtains. Matt’s not besides her and aside from the various street noises, the place is completely silent. There’s not even a radio going downstairs and he nearly always has music playing. Did he leave? Is it really that late? It’s my first day here, she thinks, and I’m already abandoned. So much for this being different.
She considers just flopping down again and going back to sleep, but the mattress ensures that that will not be an option. We could go mattress shopping, she thinks, it could be a bonding activity and immediately wants to scrub those words from her brain. It’s something her sister would have said.
Instead, Anna gets up, stretching a little. Her body still feels tight and cramped from the plane trip even though that was yesterday. Maybe she should just blame the mattress again. She goes to the window and peers out from behind the curtain— she hadn’t really looked at the neighborhood yesterday, too out of it and tired and just wanting a shower and something other than airplane food. It’s nicer than she expected. There are more trees, for one thing, and most of the houses look nice, if perhaps in need of some paint. The yards look relatively well-cared for, and someone has some absolutely beautiful roses in bloom, vibrant pinks and reds that should clash but for some reason work. Anna smiles. Maybe this wasn’t such a terrible mistake after all, though really, it doesn’t say much, that all it takes to make her feel better is the sight of roses. Still, she reaches for her phone and takes a photo, sending it to her mother— her father’s the gardener of the family, but her mother is more likely to check for messages.

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