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Somehow she’d knew she’d find him there.
Oliver stands at the edge of the loch, staring at nothing— okay, he could be staring at the water or the trees or the distant hills, but Keira knows that while he might be looking at any of those things, he’s not really seeing them. No, he’s seeing characters or magical animals or something strange, something that doesn’t exist anywhere except his mind. She’s envious of that, really, because he could be standing at an obnoxiously long line in Tesco’s and while everyone is sighing or checking their phones, Oliver will be a million miles away and won’t care at all that there are a million people in front of him. He’ll be plotting something, writing imaginary dialogue, drawing fantastical creatures. He’ll be there but not there.
She walks up to him, nudging his shoulder gently, super gently, and yet he jumps. He always does.
She smiles at him. “Hiya.”
“Hi,” he says easily. That’s the thing— he might be off in Oliver land, but he’ll come back right away. So far, anyways.
“So….” she trails off. On the walk over she’d thought about what to say, practiced it in her mind. Well, she’d thought of different things to say, all of them sounding ridiculous and stupid almost immediately. There’s not an easy way to go about this, really. She hasn’t spoken to him in months and it’s silly to think that she, they, could just be all right again. She should start off with an apology or an explanation, get the awkward stuff out of the way and not try that fake casualness.
And yet…. “So. New jacket?” Keira hates her tone, all glibe and fake happy, and twists her ring around her finger.
Oliver looks down at his jacket. “Oh. Yeah. Christmas present.” He has a weird look on his face, a little half smile that’s not quite a smile at all; he takes his glasses off and begins to clean the lenses with his shirt, a nervous tic he’s had ever since primary school. After he puts them back on he looks at her and then the smile becomes a bit more real. “I like the hair.”
Keira pats at her hair, a new cut and color that she’s been debatign about ever since she got it done.

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