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Wish You Well

Sarah looked up at her mom, her eyes sparkling with the delightful inquisitiveness of a 10 year old girl. “But why mom?”

“It seems”, her mom thought, “that we have always called them that. They have always been wishing wells.” Knowing this wouldn’t satisfy her daughter’s curiousness she told her of when she herself was a little girl, and would come to the same well with her mother. “Grandma would also give me a small coin and tell me to wish for whatever my heart desired, and she warned me if I ever told my wish it wouldn’t come true. I didnt listen. I always wished and wishes, and at school would meet with my friends and we would all whisper about what we had wished for”.

“What were your wishes about?”, Sarah wanted to know.

“— boys mostly!”, her mom laughed.

Sarah didn’t get it – as far as she knew there was nothing funny about boys. “But, Mom – shouldn’t a wishing well be used for, you know, well wishing?”

“What do you mean Sarah?”

“I mean, we always write and say ‘Best wishes’ or things like that – those are wishes for others aren’t they? Why wish for ourselves when we can help others.

Now her mom’s eyes lit up – a wonderful attitude her daughter had. “I’ll tell you what. Let’s change the way people look at these wells. They aren’t for wishing for ourselves anymore – they are wishing for others. Here is lucky dime – go for it!”

Sarah dropped the dime into well, it made a low plunk sound at the bottom.

“What did you wish for Sarah?”

“I can’t tell you mom – or it won’t come true”.

The two walked away together, feeling…

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