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When Raerek informs him that he has been chosen to serve Markarth’s newest thane, Argis is sure that there must be something wrong with this new nobleman. He’s watched the Jarl honour younger men than he for years, and it has been a long time since his wounded pride was soothed by false praise and promises.

Still, he doesn’t hesitate; any position is better than remaining in the palace, feeling pitying eyes following his every move.


The new thane is no nobleman, but a woman – that alone would be nothing, but she is an elf, a dark elf at that, and there is a sinking feeling in Argis’ stomach. Knowing he had been right was cold comfort.

He chooses not to look too closely, bows and intones the set phrases, swears his fealty to her until the day he dies. He means it too, for whatever the rest of the City of Stone might think, Argis has not sunk so low as to forget his honour.

Igmund smiles at this woman, Thane Cassienne, and at Argis too, but there must be some derision in it. Argis respects Igmund, but any love he felt for his Jarl has been worn down to broken fragments over the years; he nods and accepts the praise because it is his duty.

She does not speak as she leads him from the throne room, and if he must shadow her, he thinks, then at least it may be in silence.


On the steps of the palace, Argis discovers that this Cassienne is already a thane of Whiterun hold. It is no real surprise; Balgruuf’s she-elf bodyguard is also Dunmer, and he has always been more sympathetic to outlanders.

She already has a housecarl too, a

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Humphrey leaves Wall
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When Victoria had thrown him out, Humphrey hadn’t been sure what to do. She’d got bored of him quickly – particularly after Tristan Thorn had been crowned King of Faerie across the wall, and they’d been invited (with the rest of their town) to his wedding. No doubt it was something to do with her frustration at realising that she could have been Queen of Faerie if she’d managed to hold onto the new monarch.

Anyway, the point was that she’d wanted Humphrey gone so that she could romance some newcomer to Wall; a nephew of one of the wealthier elderly ladies who lived nearby, handsome in face and figure, and from London to boot. Really, Humphrey couldn’t say he’d been surprised at her fickleness – he’d known all along, if he was honest with himself. What did shock him though was the way she’d turned to him one evening over dinner and said, without the slightest sign of regret in her expression, “Humphrey, I’m afraid that you’re simply not the man I thought you were. I’d like you to be out by tomorrow morning, and to not come back. After all, you have family outside Wall, don’t you?”

While he’d sputtered a little over his vegetables, Victoria had unconcernedly returned to her own meal. And like the weak-willed fool his grandfather had named him, Humphrey had been out of his own house with nothing more than a single bag of necessities and a pouch of money. Not a single idea of where to go or what to do.

What Victoria had said was true – he had the remains of family outside the town of Wall where he had spent almost his entire life (in fact, the only times he’d left had been day trips to the market in Faerie every nine years, and that journey to Ipswich for Victoria’s ring). But his uncle had left Wall before Humphrey had even been born after a terrible fight with his brother (Humphrey’s father) and they hadn’t communicated since. He could hardly go to them and expect any sort of welcome. As soon as he told them his name, they’d throw him out on his ear.

Not that the decision he’d ended up making had been any better, of course; it had seemed the best idea at the time, but ever since, things had been going downhill.

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