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I ran almost naked with my friends. The undie run was celebratory, wild, sexy. I also ran with Sam, the most beautiful thing that had ever come so close to me. He wore these briefs with patterned wind-up teeth spaced around the shape of his firm cross-country ass. I couldn’t say how many times I reached, how many times I thought about touching. We ran all over campus, looking for a place to be with each other. All the staircases were locked, all the doors were barred. We found a bathroom in the Geology building—I felt him so greedily there—but we had our hearts set on the open air. A rooftop on which to offer ourselves to the sky, on which to perform a ritual sacrifice of our shame. We combed the campus finding every familiar door locked for the special occasion.
We came upon Astronomy. Checking every door handle we passed, we found a 300-person lecture hall pitch black, unattended. Timid, we sat in the third row, as if waiting for class to begin. My tongue found its way to his, but we both knew we could do better. We walked together to the lectern at the front of the hall. He leaned over and I pulled his pants down with a tenderness that may have exceeded my now maddening desire. I licked and licked like it was my love’s only mission to clean his dirtiest places. When my throbbing love touched his perfect, perfect body, our moans filled every sky, every bathroom, every rooftop, ever lecture hall I had ever imagined. A door opened, and a cleaning lady peered through.
We hid behind the lectern, unseen, but I could see the panic on her face, cleaning a dark hall alone at night and hearing who knows what. I peeked my head out from behind the lectern and said we were just leaving. She said “mhmm” with unimpeachable sass, but my shame was already dead, and we looked at each other and laughed. You can think what you want of me, and of us, but there are precious few things I know as well as this:

I’d do that twice. Fuck, I would do that twice.

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