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The curtains are open and I am my own
The impressive rock seems to shrink away
I am wondering why I ever felt so small

I want to create a a symbol with a petite closeness, one that spirals in itself seemingly keeping the secret ever-deeper in its own self-same paradox. Like the inaccessible shadow of an obelisk. Like a pebble in the surf. Like the skin of his neck when you kissed him.

But I am hunting for something deeper.

Like the moon, or maybe your feet in a draining bathtub.

Yes, your feet submerged in porcelain. That is what I want.

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Your skin was a low tide Galán

The night with you was warm Galán

And the morning wide awake

I waded deep to find you Galán

But your eyes were a big wave

I could barely escape

Next time I’ll dive beneath your gaze

And find you before the tide rises

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31 words in 3 minutes at 07:16 PM on Sep 29, 2015

Come with me once lover forward
My arms are perfect

Be here with me entire
My skin is the end

My eyes are two nights
purged of terror.
Lover, they are two.

Come close pure other come closer
My breath is a precipice

And fall forever
into my slowness

My drum is wet and its beat is not yours

But my lips are existence

Let them name you,
August, around your
Listen how proudly I want you
How my voice runs naked into the waves

Find me, once lover, among those
far-spaced shipwrecks

I have always been yours.

98 words in 32 minutes at 04:56 PM on Sep 28, 2015 | comments

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