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You Get Three Breaths

The light that is a light is a light
I know is there, but light that is light
is light that is light that is light,
as you who are you is only you
who I know is here, because
your hereness is the hereness
that the light that is light
lights and your hereness
is how I know this you is the you
that is not you and that you
are not you while you are away

Sloppy imitations of my favorite poets. Progress is frustrating when you always have in mind the unreachable goal…

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I know so much these days
I no longer look at the sun
It could be a blue light or black
that causes me to squint but
we both know, honestly,
that it isn’t

I’m afraid reading so much ugly poetry is causing me to write ugly poetry. At least it’s less pretentious. Still, I never liked that stuff before I forced myself to read it. Why should I expect my readers (currently no one) to like it when I do it? I want to write something fun and pretty and just warm enough that you don’t mind keeping it in your pocket as you go through your day.

It was sound, after all, that drew me: not philosophy or sincerity or individuality or emotion, but sound.

Important to remember then that even when it does not blend now forever portends a future, if not an end.

An eclipse of sound endows egress
unto he who listens still whose door
and doorway whose windowsill whose
chimney is dangerous are dangerous

173 words in 7 minutes at 06:14 AM on May 27, 2015 | comments

A drop of syrup
just sugar and water
that has cut its way through a cucumber
is now subtended
by the very hollowness
of its passing

More arrogant sentences have sustained themselves.
So too shall my speech perch upon the fragile line.
So too shall I weigh generously that which to you I impart.
So too shall I go too far. So too shall I fail. So too shall I miss
my mark and correct that mistake with another, so too.

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