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I kind of remember
when I realized
I could wound my father,

“You’re ashamed
because your son is gay.”

The fight was over.
We went to separate rooms
I assume to cry.

One of us did,

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It is estimated that hunter-gatherer societies
labored for only four hours a day

The rest to play games with sticks
and bodies and words and fire

The circumference of the Earth was calculated
within an error tolerance of five percent

By Greeks, with long measuring sticks,
shadows, and geometries in 233 AD

At dinner, discussion turned to vaccines
the conclusion being that autism

would be better than stupidity.
Confused I asked what’s Polio?

Some silence, and my grandpa
beginning to cry, said

“When I got my polio vaccine
that doctor said

Our grandchildren wont know
what Polio is"

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