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Ok, so had a bit of a wobble yesterday when I realised that a phenomenology of wonder has been done already…but not published and NOT I think specifically about existential therapists experience of wonder. How can I turn this around?

1. Mine is specifically locating the experience in a clinical context.
2. verification- hycner talks about this in his article and so my article will either extend or challenge his findings. from an initial reading it looks to me that there are similarities.
3 His work isnt published so not available easily to practitioners.
4. He does talk about the relevance of wonder to therapy which I am doing to…so where is my particular slant??? The so-what factor? Am I really hung up on originality here…was my validation in part that no-one has done it before so finding this article has taken away the wind from my sail.

Or I could see that as someone else has done it this validates my study too inso much I am bringing it directly into the clinical arena…how IS wonder experienced and how do therapists understand the phenomena.

The good thing is I know that someone else has done this study BEFORE I make claims that no-one else has done it.

Lets face it…other doctorates are on areas that have been done before- just need to find a particular slant. Had better talk to Linda about this!

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