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hmm… i haven’t written for almost a week…
primarily because I’m unable to access the site from my office (which is why I was able to write my previous posts :))… And there were problems with internet connectivity at home…

Today managed to peek in from home… Quickly thinking…. Today am going to write about 10 things which are priceless to me.
1) The little teddy which my hubby gifted me during our courting days.
2) The first greeting card of his proposal… In that a heart will vibrate saying words of love..
3) The moment when my hubby tied the precious knot (three knots actually), marking the beginning of our life together…
4) My childhood photo… I was two years then, wearing a green silk skirt n blouse (traditional south Indian :)) and with a long plaited (false) hair. I adore myself as a kid in that.
5) A collage notebook, which is a collection of pics from magazines on the places of interest for me and some facts about them..
6) My first drawing, which was a pair of birds, which I tried to imitate from a greeting card.. though it’s very basic, I still love it for it was drawn by me as a child.
7) A flower basket done in nib painting on a black felt cloth. It was one of my finest paintings (skill is relative only to me :))
8) The small clay dolls which me and my childhood friend made… though it s not in good shape, they remind me of my adorable childhood.
9) Our grandpa’s house in a small village… we as kids (me and my cousins) had lotsa fun there… hmm… this post is forcing me a trip to nostalgia :)
10) The 9 yards saree (though i never wear this often – used only on important occasions) -this is a thing which I’ll never give to anyone. It’s of sentimental value :)

Thanks for bearing with me today.. I’m half aawake and half-asleep. hope to get a better post next time… take care…

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Today’s list: 10 things that would lift my mood, the sight or imagination of which makes me forget my bad times.

1) A sunrise/sunset – I love the colour of sun when it rises gradually, starting from a dim red, graduating into a big orange and finally blazing in an enchanting yellow.

2) The sky and it’s shade during dusk. The sky displays a palette of various blues, sometimes combined with an orange or red which excites me. The vibrancy in them is that which make me feel very elevated.

3) A garden of colourful flowers – Recently there was a flower show put up in our city’s botanical Garden. Oh my God! how many varieties of flowers… I could see God and his innate creativity in them. They are truly a source of happiness.

4) The innocent smile of a baby, especially while it is sound asleep – There is a divine bliss in that smile :)

5) Any pets – be it fishes or puppies or kittens… Observing their playfulness makes me forget even the worst of nightmares. :)

6) A calm river side, with only the sound of the chiming waters, combined with the cooing sound of the morning birds. The sheer thought of it makes me feel transcent to a bliss.

7) A soothing music – I’m deeply in love with melodies, ghazals and aalaaps. They greatly lift my spirit.

8) Good Works of art, such as a drawing, painting or any hand-craft for that matter – seeing them make me think how the artists would have come up with creating such a wonderful piece. It encourages me too to create such things.

9) Books – be it a novel or an inspirational book – This is definitely helps to divert my attention and helps me move on to do better things

10) Puzzles and games – I love solving puzzles and my recent craze is the Sudoku. The satisfaction gained at the end of solving a puzzle makes it worth spending time for them :)

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Today I’ll write about 10 things that I did new from the beginning of this year… Few things didn’t begin after 1/1/10, but initiated from Dec ‘09. Me and my hubby had been ambitious to bring in some +ive change in our monotonous life. We have taken a few steps to achieve this. Hence I thought it is worth to include them in this list, as it is not too late. I consider this as a good beginning, as this had benefited us in more than one ways. I’ll start with my most recent activity.

1) Bought an aquarium (probably it’s a big descriptor for a small fish tank :).. oops!!) and brought it to life with 4 small fishes… one white, one black, one white with black spots and one golden orange… Having fun with my new pets :). Anyone reading this, please suggest me some ‘cool’ names :)

2) 5 new plants.. We live in a 5 storeyed apartment and hence no chance of a garden. So bought a few plants which could decorate my balcony as well as fill in my mind with joy when I see them. 3 are flowering varieties. One is a herb (the Holy Basil of India), and one is a water floater variety(dunno the name though)

3) Tried preparing a new dish.. this is traditional south Indian, but time consuming… turned out to be Okay (I think so… My hubby didn’t give much reaction though so assuming it’s not bad :P)

4) Gave shape to one of my hobbies – Origami… Created a flower with leaves on four sides.. quite satisfied with the results, given that I’m just a beginner and I haven’t tried beyond some simple models. So I was happy I’m able to reproduce the shape which was a not-so-easy design.

5) Bought a book on pencil sketching, with exercises… Another hobby. But I’m unable to pursue my hobbies due to lack of time & planning. So let’s see when I’m going to begin with the actual activity :)

6) Yet another hobby :) – Found a new hand embroidery blog online… That is really great, it has a video library of stitches , patterns and many more for a beginner like me.

7) My hubby gifted me with a CD (to learn German) for my last year’s b’day. But I didn’t touch it after that… So on his urge, I have recently begun with learning German thru that CD. Just begun :)

8) Started hearing light music at bed time.. For this, we shifted the music player from the living room cabinet to our bed room… This is a welcome change cos we were able to achieve two things due to this. First we relaxed before sleep, and hence got good sleep. Second, we put to use the music system which was remaining unused for quite some time :)

9) Usually I wasn’t interested in online shopping and stuff. But I like e-bay. Though I new of it, I was never interested to use it. My brother’s laptop charger started malfunctioning and I couldn’t find any shops in my vicinity. So I placed my first order this year thru e-bay, and I’m quite happy to buy things thru e-bay. So far bought 3 things in new year thru that.

10) Last, but the most valuable – Associated myself with Write for ten… I would consider this as the best thing that I have done this year :) Thanks Ian for creating this site… It’s really amazing to see u write daily. I wish I could follow that too :)

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I’m not the kind of person who’ll make resolutions and stick to it… But I see a point in them. If you could make achievable resolutions, and put your mind and heart into it, it would definitely be beneficial.

So here I go with my 10 resolutions for 2010 (treat this more as a wish list :))
1) Shake away my laziness and lethargy.. Am a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig lazy goose. I hate getting out of bed in the mornings.. So I wish to change this attitude in 2010. You might wonder I had listed the lazy cozy sleep as the top thing that I admire… Of course I do, but it is not beneficial to me on a working day… So.. let me see…
2) Come out of the habit of procrastinating things… That’s really terrible. This one I should definitely change. As you see it is a by-product of laziness, but it is a different thing though.
3) Practise Pranayam for improving my health.
4) Work out atleast 30 mins a day to begin with.. This is one thing that I’m wishing for the past 3 yrs.. But curse me, I never made it. maximum I spent for workout was 20 mins, that too only around 20 times last yr
5) Visit my friend’s house atleast ONCE this year. She is my college mate and you would not believe, she is nearby but I have not visited her in two years, though we are in touch thru mails
6) Reduce my anger.. I’m quite short tempered. This spoils my mood as well as those who are with me during such times… So this is on a serious note..
7) Include fruits in my diet daily… Though my doc advises, I have never followec :P
8) Get bike and car drivinglicense… Though I know riding a bike, I don’t have a license. Car – I dunno to ride. So that one’s for learning and then getting license.
9) Revamp the house (its awful to look at the dust gathered in the attic) and paint.
10) Almost a year since we visited a new place. So take off for a long vacation, and enjoy a fulfilling holiday with my hubby :)

That’s it for now… I hope to mobilise atleast 5 of these in this year. Let me see how I’m able to make it :)

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From this post on, I’ll try to write about ‘10 things’ in my every forthcoming post, atleast till I’m exhausted of Ideas… Here goes my first try…

10 most admirable things I wish to do in my life… This list includes things that I have experienced as well as my wishes.
1) The lazy cozy little sleep in the morning after the alarm goes off
2) Standing in the balcony at dusk, admiring the cool breeze
3) A candle light dinner with my husband (wish this should happen atleast once in a month)
4) Walking (if possible dancing) in the road/terrace when it rains
5) Tightly holding my husband as he rides his bike at high speed on a deserted highway
6) Holding a new born baby in my hand to drown in the bliss of touching it’s soft skin and in it’s cozy warmth
7) Playing hide and seek with the waves on a sea shore
8) Building sand castles (of course, considerably away from the roaring waves:))
9) Watching a very favourite movie with all close friends, with comments and some fun
10) Finally… playing all those silly childhood games (if only someone join me as a child to play with me :))

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