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Over the weekend, I removed about 15,000 spam posts that have littered Write for Ten. I am sorry that I did not find the time to remove them earlier.

I’ve temporarily disabled signing up for new accounts on the web site to prevent future spammers.

For now, if you are a new user and interested in using Write for Ten, please email me at [email protected]

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Write for Ten was down for two days :( Sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused.

I didn’t know it was down until Ladykylin informed me. It is now back online. I had to move the site to a new server to fix the problem that brought the site down.

Enjoy going back to writing!

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These new features have kept us busy at Write for Ten:

  • Privacy. You can set individual posts to be private.
  • Word counts. Write for Ten now counts the words in your posts.
  • Unicode support. You can type in Chinese, Japanese, and other non-ASCII characters.

Enjoy the new features and send us your suggestions and comments.

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10th day anniversary

Write for Ten is 10 days old today!

To make it easier to scan through the different posts, I truncated the posts on the home page and the posts page. Now, 20 posts are listed per page.

I also added an RSS feed for all the recent posts. Click to subscribe. This should make it easier for people to keep updated on new posts and writers.

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In 10 days, we passed the 100-post milestone; that’s an average of 10 posts per day. Yay!

Thank you to everyone who posted. I hope the site is helping you develop a habit of writing I know some of you have posted several times.

I also hope that you have found the site to be liberating. I have read some posts talking about the frustration of coming up with ideas of what to write. Don’t worry! It takes some practice. If you can’t think of anything, write about your internal thoughts or your immediate surroundings. Write about what you know.

I’m really glad that people are sharing their thoughts with the comment system. I hope you have found the comments encouraging and supportive.

Lastly, I would encourage all Write for Ten users to tell me what features you want to see on the site. I won’t be able to immediately implement suggestions, but when I have time I will select the most popular requests. Go to the Get Satisfaction page to leave ideas.

Write for Ten

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